This is why I can't get any work done.

This is why I can’t get any work done.

My name’s Jordan. At the age of 5 I stumbled into a den of wolves. As they closed in on me I thought my time had come. But to my surprise, they took me in and raised me as their own. After 4 months with the wolves, I realized the path of ninja was one I must walk. So I spent years dedicating my life to the art of stealth and assassination. After that, I decided to chronicle my adventures in the up-and-coming webcomic GO NINJA

When I’m not busy fighting for truth and justice or relaxing with a good video game I like to draw comics about all my many adventures and dabble in the fast paced world of game journalism. It’s just something I like to do, every hero needs an alter-ego. This is mine.





















































































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